Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You can kinda make out the Tillamook Rock Light House through the trees. Teeter calls it Terrible Tilly

anyone up for some FLAVERD coffee? Two errors on one LABLE, someone was having a bad day

After Teet screamed and we both ran out (seriously) we slowly went back in and teeter got the nerve to stand this close to it.
walked into the tipped over house...there was a snake...
Teeter took me to this crazy tipped over house.

Teeter and I rented bikes and went for a ride on the beach
Had a few frosty's to pass time...our server was ABSOLUTLEY CRAZY!!!
Album Cover
Original Artwork. Cooper Sanchez

Monday, May 28, 2007

this is what we arrived to...
then we drove to the Teet's home Cannon Beach
we stopped by here
teet's sunroof

Pony and Ladybird meet up for an epic battle. "OH No The Unicorns Are Knife Fighting Again."
This poor pony was just stuck here...
Um this is "Whiptastic"
...he knows how to decorate, sayin'. place is amazing.
Micheal's new place...
teet in her mossy volvo
some weird taxadermied blowfish. this is for real.
Look at this thing! is that even legal!?
Stopped to watch the ice skaters
tah dah! he never stops moving
Went and saw Micheal!!! He's doing his thing

I Finally met Caitlin
First order of buisness...Stumptown!!
Arrived in Portland!
this is a cool plant, and a cool mirror, and a cool paint job
Rick cooked me breakfast on his birthday
the dawgs
a few drinks a few laughs

Thursday, May 24, 2007

phewww done
black angel was playing

greg was rocking some tye-die

that's right back at Nerolux. I am now legal to be at all the places I'm always frequenting.