Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oldie but super goodie

I love that "Hour" piece on Houston

Kevin and Bryan

Apparently Bryan grew horns

2 nights, 1 roof

Grill master Uncle Geeze
Water towers....so hot right now
Inspirational graffiti...."Don't Try Snort Dope" Good words of wisdom

Ginger Mafia
The birthday girl  this night was in the name of...Happy Birthday Shannon!!!!
New York New York
Fredo is straight chillin'!

Bosco changed his name to Crew Jones and picked up freestylin'!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy sunset

Which is better, the sky or the Honda?

Zach hasn't done laundry forever
Plaid shirts are in

I wanna live in this building

mark zaharis


...ese food. Don't mix hash. tobacco and pot. 
Look at all this food for 20 bucks!
If you wanna know where all your favorite clothes come from, CHECK this BLOG out

Check out the new whip!

beer appreciation society 
Raybans is back!!!!!!!!!!
And this is how a margarita becomes a to-go margarita

Breakfast at Brown

What a strange way to eat an egg

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fish again

Damn! Carl loves the sweetie bag! Just kidding, it's popcorn
Good bye Luke! See you in a few months
Some dudes can't handle 10 p.m.

Good times

Zach. Sushi on the park? Fancy!
I love hanging on the park

Sock Monkey for Elliot!

Dudes just chillin
I couldn't have done it without Ann and Lou (not pictured)
thanks guys!

A small part of a loooong day

Mark helping me make a bloody mary I didn't need
I am so haggard

Highline park

We went and checked out Highline park, the new park on an old elevated subway track

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dutch Seen

Click to enlarge artist statement
Here are some photo's from the show

I didn't think I would know anyone there....Here I ran into Tim and Seth
And the twins were there!
Here's Danielle! It was nice to finally meet her! Here you can see the rest of the photos from the series
Jason G, Neils and Matt were there! Free beers on Central Park....damn that was nice
And of course, Eric was best dressed