Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barcelona film


Mediterranean Sea
Croco and Tom Universitat

More Sea

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow days

Being stuck in the girls' house for too long, things get weird
So we broke out into the snow

Quick drop in at the Fish to say what up to Mr. Bones

If once wasn't enough

Not only did his head get smashed, he got left in the gutter to freeze 

SHHHH! .....I'm in Jamaica

There's a lot of work put into that hair
Some people got together for a little goodbye gathering for Sean Kelling

Carl is allowed to wear sunglasses inside
Nice work pat, do I see party planning soon to be added to your resume'?

Still drunk for work

We found a log cabin that was serving drinks

Saturday, December 19, 2009


 sent me this from chase's birthday. I can't believe you're leaving for 3 weeks! I miss you already.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more reason...

...Ryan is the best.

Skating to his basketball game

Chases' birthday

We got wind of a bar with open bar, free food and a DJ (who absolutely killed it) all night....It turned out true, and couldn't have been a better impromptu party for Chase. We all got thoroughly drunk and danced till the wee hours when some coffee shops are already rolling up their gates. 
This guy was incredible! He would grab whatever girl was drunk enough and trap them against this wall with his terrible dance moves!
For some reason this guy kept yelling all the lyrics to the songs he knew at the DJ (i.e. Biggie-Juicy ect...). Not really the right way to go about letting him know you like the song he's playing. 


Pat getting some camera time

stealing Chases' shot

Mike Bones


has been staying on the couch a fair bit

When I got home to NYC Chase looked like this

Click for the close up

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Part 3: Back to London. Grey Skies and Bus Rides

After one of the most hectic travel days I have ever had, back at Liverpool St. Station where Paddy and Carl were waiting
Good to be back 
Coffee break
Grey Skies
Bus Rides. Elephant Castle/London Rd.
The London Eye
This was Angus' first night moving into the apt. And his first beer bong. Not a bad night

Carl and Jeb looking over what we accomplished so far
At the Square One premier Josh was showing New York City mad love! (At this point I stopped remembering what happened, but I am sure the video was good guys) 
At night the phone booths turn into toliets
That is a party all on it's own. Please note that Carl danced so hard this night that both his shoes split!
Final night in London, tins on the street (of course) and ready to roll!