Thursday, January 08, 2009

oh yeah, one more thing

Justin had a special request for me to post this photo. It was at Hose Bar and someone snapped the photo and it ended up on some blog, or facebook, or some dumb online thingy
To my 4 fans (me, myself, I, and Amy Sperbs) Sorry I have been so behind on posts....I've been lazy with the internets

This ones old

This is my bud Ryan, He's got quite the mane

I have been working on these

Normal Friday night at Piano's. Jah Jah in there holding it down for the Bronx
Noah, Justin and I holding it down for SoHo, Lower East Side, and East Village
And a beer bloody mary holding it down for Oxaca
Bad Coffee, good cups, rad people

Teet just bought a 7 dollar box of iced tea and has absolutely no remorse about it

New Years Eve 08

Together again! Heather and I 
Heather had us over for a mellow, fun NYE in Brooklyn 

Amy and her normal hippie self

This is about where the excrement hit the a.c. unit (so to speak)
Teet and Adam got on just fun...she threatened to hate him, something I find impossible
Or maybe it was here....

Business as usual
Then back to Manhattan, This dude was so wasted he nearly fell off the platform then he just stood there and peed off....oof

Rock and Roll

We went to catch Nick's last show with Men Women and Children

Dubin and Jen were there

This is about the point that we got hyped
Then up on stage!

Then we snuck into the Gramercy Park Hotel

The girl in the background wasn't wearing pants....or atleast it seemed that way