Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love my block
Newest addition to the house

Rich Mahogany premier

Meet up with Raybans at Epstein's to check out the Rich Mahogany
Zack is super duper rad and got the most cheers

The man of the hour
LOU PANTS! she didn't like that I kept taking photos....

This was a good night

Downtown Bakery is SO dope
Skating into traffic, not such a good idea


This is Kye, he is super awesome. 5th Generation born on 10th st. btwn A/B!

Jeb trying to look all smart reading the financial times and sittin with his shades on
Jeb on D.M.B. a.k.a. Jack Sparrow
Bryan is finally home!

Location spotting for a photo project Jeb (still) needs to do

Then we stopped at Lou's to check out her garden and enjoy a beer on the roof

Went and visited Iggy

The down pour caused the backyard to flood
Wandered around Brooklyn, looks pretty suburban
that is a crazy church name

Then we drank Budlight Lime! it was so gross but on sale for 99cents
This was just amazing
Then I went back the next day for his bday bbq

Payphone use is now obsolete

alley way dippin
Jager got all dressed up for Cinco de Mayo
Jeb woke up one morning with this on his face.....wonder what he did the night before

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it Fish or Fisch?

This bathroom is sick in both meanings

Look what we found! DCGC! Miss you Keags!
Documenting for the boys back home

Mr. Chambers art avante garde

You break it, You paying for it!
Have you ever seen him so ship shape?

Hey, wait, I know you!
Chase and Matt cut up old paintings and made that big one in the back
Rubbin elbows
Then on the street we ran into Geez and Shannon! 
These dudes preferred the view outside.