Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in the City

Not family-family dinner

Paul getting some tips from Annie
Annie cookin up some grub while we chilllllll

This is Harlem...He's Timid

This is Bird....He's acting appropriately 

HELL YEAH! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks Annie and Paul

Thanksgiving Shred fest!


the house is the new chill spot

Friday, November 21, 2008

This may be the dopest-shitty diner around....Jeb hit's up the sausage links on a regular basis
Jeb is SERIOUSLY still Macin' off. he may as well just date the computer. Teet is looking gorgeous per usual.
Went and saw Amy!
Jeb and Teet having snuggle club in my bed and he's still on the computer...weird

Greg came to NYC!!!!

We threw up this sign just for him....HELL YUS!

Chase suddenly was HUGE
Then he shrunk back down again
Dude Party
A typical look in the morning in NY...sayin

We went to this "secret bar" that you enter through a phone booth. Pretty dope

Quick trip to Brooklyn

Greg said he wouldn't sleep till we got there

Jeb is always Macin' off
Not sure what was happening here....Greg SO stoked you made it out! Thanks for hangin' doggy, you're the best