Saturday, October 27, 2007

A week in Arizona!

I miss it already! I had so much fun, great people, good skate scene, gotta hang with my sister and brother-in law. Back to work and bills is never fun, I WILL be back asap!!!

p.s. there is a couple more photos, but my computer isn't loving the upload extravaganza, so I will try to get them up soon...

AHHH the life

columbian drug lord Jeb Allred soaks up some stray rays...
here with his guard dog
Off to handle some buisness
Media/ bro hang out
Zack back-lip first try!
Jeb watch out! I am coming for your job! zack back smith 2nd try. wow!
best graffiti
Post sesh..."i don't know, what do you wanna do?..."
Casey is hilarious. I think this trip is the first time we actually talked to eachother...jeb gave him the new nickname "Timber"

B-Wal and Tayler
Some kid

Friday, October 26, 2007


Post sesh parking lot hang out...the skate scene in AZ is awesome!
the moons so bright you gotta wear shades at night
Went to the mall, jeb tried on some really cool shoes...
Look at how huge those are! does that even make sense?
These girls must hate their job...if not, atleast the outfits

Jeb doing his thang!!!

This is what you can see us cruising around AZ in...
Jeb in Wife beater per-usual
Jeb! Borrowed a car and drove down to kick it and then drive me back to phoenix with him!
We Pushed
She rode
Autumn Took us to the Center for Creative Photography...nice treat
Autumn and I hung out on a huge chair

We ran into Jeb's brother at the supermarket...small world
I got some on this skate-proofed wall
Headed back to Phoenix

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Arizona so far...

quick insight to the home
Of course all you really get is the kitchen
some of the living room,
and back to the kitchen. this was my breakfast
I am loving it here. really wierd backyards though
Kame checkin up on me
I had my coffee out here this morning
kame making sure i am still doing ok

Monday, October 22, 2007

Autumn knows a lot of words
we got down on some scrabble
Jacob is very pleased that I won (I only won because of his help...some call it cheating, I call it teamwork)
Is that not the craziest pumpkin paint job you have ever seen?!

I love the sky here!