Saturday, August 30, 2008

Next day breakfast at noon with a bad case of the hangs
Keag's and his old pal ODB
Keag's with a lipslide
Jeb with a SUPER STYLIN' back nosegrind
Bad photo...but that's a lot of cops in Dunkin Donuts

Everyone got down on some wallride action

Jeb already moved to SF...check the Chino's
Bud 40's
on the psychics' stoop
We were loaded and trying to focus Jeb's board...since we couldn't manage to barely stand let alone focus a board Keagen went and threw it under a cab

Jeb is not impressed with my photo skills

Saturday, August 23, 2008

we were gettin our mornin coffee and look who we spotted across the way...

Buisness in the front
night and day
Party in the back
Trudi's only been gone for a few hours but Keagen already had to find someone to makeout with
Keag's had to leave his mark on MaxFish
Diamond Creek Gentleman's Club Son!
Jeb Showing Keag's his moves for the dancefloor
MAN! Jeb couldn't even wait for a dance floor....He just started hittin it in the deli
Suite is not sure about Jeb's moves...
Keag's sayin peace before rollin out on his whip
Act now! Be Prepared! NoRad! Such a random sign

O'Dell's Fridge
Central Park is huge!

Top of Rockafeller Center

Long way down
The homies
Happy hour with Justin and Jill

Hookin up a Zip Zinger for Trudes!