Monday, December 29, 2008

We decided to stay in Brooklyn for the day and go look at art at Cinders Gallery

Then we ran into German randomly!
Brunch with sfadam and John...instead of riding out the hang over, we decided to just get drunk again

Meg served us some food
The Sperb clan was having brunch at the same spot
Teet shows off her leisure pants

Holiday Day

Our Christmas was mirrored to our Thanksgiving....Shred with dudes then dinner with Paul and Annie
Here Sfadam showing me proof of getting old
Jeb teaching himself how to thrash
The group was hypnotized by Napoleon Dynamite

Then we watched The Grinch ate Chinese food and got fat...

X eve food

Amy had us over for a Christmas Eve dinner
Jeb gotta sit next to Metal Julie! 

MO with the clean up

Hell yeah....Dessert is served

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Becky Shaw"

This is my friend Annie in the "off-Broadway" production of "Becky Shaw". Jeb and I went and checked the play out last night. It was incredible. Thanks Annie!

I think I will be staying in today


Jeb went and put on one hiking boot and poured beer all over himself......

what a day

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New York moment

Ran into Mark and Aaron doubling up down the street

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A-Damn cooked some grub up for the dudes 

then we skated in the rain
to buy beer

then went to our pad to drink it

Welcome to the ShredQuarters NYC
Yesterday was unseasonably warm (Dec. 15th  65degress) I was in short sleeves and hung on the water for a bit. 
Today it is snowing
This is DarkLord...He thoroughly ruins most of my Friday nights, I guess I should say he ruins most of my Saturday mornings
Rad bar graffiti 


Jeb and I went across town to check out "Astroland" our buddy Paul's  rock show/performance/thing
Full on rock in effect...This show was so incredible
This insane woman was doing weird dance/ gymnastic dance stuff on this rope