Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They deep fried the Turkey this year

Isaac cooked something up!

Ethan caught on right away!
Awww what a cute couple! ha
Isaac had another great idea...He showed up with a beer bong that he sawed his own hose off his own house to make! He is down!
I was teaching the delicate technic
Kathryn stabbed hers through both sides, and I couldn't open up my tab....rookies
oof! round three
Oompaloompa steeze
E-thon shredding

Monday, November 26, 2007

isaac had a great idea..."shotgun?"

Explaining Kathryn some better technics for shootin that beer!
and round two!
all together for now
the things i get myself into....
Kathryn really wanted this one up, she thinks my calves are great...

Friday, November 23, 2007

kathryn explaining the art of cartwheels to us.
then she performed one for good measure
Welcome to California! this was what we stared at for the trek down to San Diego.
No need to go to the beach, we saw a sea of brake lights for four hours
Of course i had to pick up a souviener, (hey I gotta justify it somehow)
Walked around for a bit and went to some cool shops
look who I ran into on Melrose!!!!
Kathryn and Ethan haven't eaten anything but rice and beans for a while, so they wanted to go get some "bad american food" so we went to Johnny Rockets! ha. so they were having some survey thing going on and we each filled out a slip and talked to the manager for about thirty seconds, and for that, they gave us each ten dollars cash! Boom, lunch paid for!
This is seriously the gnarliest pigeon I have ever seen. this photo does not even do it justice. It looked like it had gone to hell and back, but before settling, he had to swin through sewage, contract rabies, and get hit by a car...
The second that people got up pigeons swarmed their tables. like six at a time...kinda gross
My first bus driver couldn't stop raving about about Fatburger, so he dropped me off at one...
not bad
took a bus to hollywood. (actually two busses and a cab)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything done fast.

Chase does everything fast! he skates fast, (you should see his POWER slides...sayin
He runs really fast just to throw his board down. sometimes he just pops his board up to run real fast and throw it down again. pretty epic
and when he's not skating he bikes fast. Talk about livin in the fast lane. but then again after three shots of espresso, a pot of coffee, and no food you might go fast too.
so I seemed to have stumbled on this bird graveyard the other day...this was the most peacful one
then this poor guy was fresh. It was disgusting to look at, that's his brain in distance back there...
this is the most crazy one... tire marks and feathers, that's it, no torso.
I went to have a beer at this bar, this is how the Dj-ing was done...this girl and her friend took turns choosing songs off this iPod. Kinda hilarious
Heather Cooked up some handsome lookin porkchops for dinner!
then we went to some bar that had a crazy happy hour and we were the only ones in there.
Matt had an art show here so he tok us on the roof to see the view

Chambers and Gotham City