Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our bud Peter Baker had a photo show

Peter and Jill
This spill was pretty artistic in itself
This was my favorite photo in the show

Aaron looking more spry than normal, Derek stoned as usual, and Z out of it
The crew, clay even showed up

I should open this as a bar

the last of james trip

we were wasted most of the time
ran into German
And Dave and Reda
Jeb kicked it with Squishy
Goodbye James

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NYC through James' eyes!

So James got a new camera before his trip out, he uploaded the flicks to my computer, and I here am doing a mini (he took ALOT of pictures) blog from his point of view 
The first day he was here it was rainy so we just walked around and showed him downtown

Union Square

Shitty bars are really photogenic
James got caught stealin beers

First of many trips to Piano's

Check this shit out! The sign says "NY Stuffed Idaho" quite the idahoan zip zinger crew

James got to know Max Fish VERY well
He ran the pool table for hours

we went uptown and skated, you'll have to check Jeb's blog for photo's of that

The "jeb towers" they are the highest towers in the world
This photo makes me realize I need a new camera.... Central Park
New Day, Downtown skate sesh
James attempted to dodge kids to skate the Banks

Shank shreds

If you zoom in, that street is called James st.

This is how there night started....

This is how it ended!! HAHAHA

Um...That's it, but check other peoples' web things for more photos