Thursday, March 26, 2009

These 2 don't really talk much, they just mac off
And when jeb isn't mac'ing off, he's pretending someone is writing him messages on his phone, while he ignores the dog
You would think it would be getting warmer's not

Look what this idiot went and did. 
These guys are very similar. At least they sit similar
Coffee on the park steps
Patrick has been sleeping on the couch

typical friday

Typical Jeb
Adam and Dave
Dark Lord....ooof look what he did to Jeb

Fear this? Try me? Yeah, check out those muscles 

Jager hung out

while jeb ignored her and pretended to do things on his computer.

Went to the Cory Arnold photo show. It was incredible

Thursday, March 19, 2009

had a few people over
Jeb used our hallway as a runway and kicked over all the skateboards while he was at it
when you're in times square how do you pick out the dude that lives in Brooklyn? By his flannel
Went uptown to find a skate spot

we also found a castle
Jeb can DJ while he back tails....Thanks to quartersnacks we found this incredible spot
1 train sucks


Otis was at the dog park again. Best dog ever

NYC i have missed you

And I'm home....I can't believe I hang with these dudes

new york-michigan

Finally back!
And the next morning, leaving again...

Welcome to Michigan. Where where trees and deer die along with the economy and GM
We had to get coffee should have heard the obese woman try to school Jacob on coffee...ha!
This is on my grandparents farm
Got to see Jacob and Elliot again though!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A week in Arizona!

Sarah was kind enough to drive up to Phoenix to pick me up
Look what I saw! I came here to meet Elliot. must be a sign, and not just a road sign
I am not in NY anymore, that is for sure
While in PHX, We went to say hey to my bud Mike
and Brit
And we had to chow down at In and Out

Traveling makes me look like this

This is about how the whole 100 miles looks

I Finally met Elliot Carter!!!!
Sarah was kind enough to be my night time road dog

Then Boom! Passed out
this guy is awesome

Bloody mary's pool this time in NY there was a blizzard. man I'm lucky

This is Mr. T he's GIANT! 
city bikes
on the country streets

It was weird to spend so much time in cars

Not yet, but they will fit
lil dude loves to sleep