Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back in BK

Iggie and Chase having a really, really good time

Amy Sperbs and Mr. Matt Owens
Ever think you would make smore's around a campfire in Brooklyn, New York? Yeah, Me either

Teet! and Chris lambert!
Monkeys from a barrel

Suz kicked it
This is where I got stressed out...Union Square was awful today, this guy got down to his undies for no reason
Greg and Heather just landed in from Paris! Greg asked her to be his wife...she said yes!
here is the proof

Legion and some styled out dude
Jason G was DJing


a friendly reminder from the people of Boston

Boston in bloom
We went to a Red Sox game!!!

Fenway Park!

View from out hotel
Saber, Retna, and Choe throw ups
Downtown Boston
The Corporate population
We went to the aquarium, this is the line...and my worst nightmare...horrible mother's and there children

Beautiful Beacon Hill

I loved this tree..what a trooper
Best breakfast joint in Boston