Thursday, September 27, 2007

happened upon this the other day... can't wait to skate it! looks so fun!
Wandering around aimlessly ( i tend to do that a lot these days) I ran into skinny on some weird movie set in random!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chase bought some silk screens from some dude uptown
so we headed up there and wheeled them through traffic to the subway
Matt took me to this crazy coffee shop
you choose a type of bean, then this crazy bank teller type vacuum suck up the amount needed for the size you order then grinds it and gives you a very fresh cup o' joe

saw this
and this too
walked over the Brooklyn Bridge today, it just seemed like a nice thing to do

A great week with Teeter!!

I love this photo! Teeter and I headed uptown to find her a dress
saw a punk rock puppy
waiting for the A
Went and met up with teet at Pier 17 for some weird band thing...

Took Teeter to dinner at Freeman's Alley!

Teeter decided to catch a tag!

Teeter is gonna hate how this looks....

Monday, September 17, 2007

One pint (soy icecream) 2 Spoons! (tasted like suntan lotion, and coconut freezer burn)
She's can handle her self on the board and has style!
Teeter can shred!
back to Manhattan
Drove around and handled buisness all day!
On may way to meet up with her I happened upon this! how rad
Teeter is by far one of the most amazing individuals you'll meet. She has left her mark all over New York!
Having a quick beer with some of her Jersey friends and Neil who sings with her on the LaadybiRdS record!
we went to dinner
Was waiting for Teeter so i brown bagged it on the street
Every part of New York is different it's crazy you never feel like you are in the same place
found this old gem
Wouldn't these be nice to skate, to say the least...too bad security came out just because I was taking a photo. so good luck

I quite one of my cafe' job's today, then went and looked at the Hudson for a bit that was real nice...If you are having a bad day, I highly recommend quitting your job, it makes you feel WAY better!
Took the train to Jersey and kicked it with German a bit. It was real good to see him and hang for a bit.
I went to a thai lunch with RoseMary at a place called Cafetasi
went to the little park under the bridge, it's pretty fun. Stevie Williams showed up looking all stoney with a posse, it was cool/funny
chase posting up during our shred sesh
REVS is welding graffitti now! that is some progression...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally! I have wanted this for over a year, and to see him live in his home city...wheeew man it was awesome!!! Aesop Rock Live in Manhattan!

Artist (be sure and read his interview in the new Thrasher) Ditty Bopps not a hard act to follow but he definitley killed it
Blockhead and DJ Signify opened up the show...!
Then I got hyped!!!

So I moved up!