Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off to Mexico City to see Kathryn

Here are a few of Kathryn's photo's. Check out all of her stuff here.

I wish I had this whole set framed...I feel like I am there sweating along with all of them
Roger and Willi. I love this photo

A nice sunset view from my living room

Hedda Gabler on Broadway...all thanks to Paul Sparks

Paul is on Broadway right now and got Jeb and I tickets to go see Hedda Gabler

Here he is with Mary Louis-Parker...Thanks so much Paul!
Getting ready to head out....(oh, yeah, photos courtesy of Justin)

Jeb is really working on perfecting his "asian tourist" pose

I couldn't really take any photos of the play or of the venue without my camera being this is afterwards
This is what a Broadway dressing room looks like....Very glamorous 
Paul showed us the back of the set... then out the back to 43rd st.


Our apartment is filling up nicely....Just with shelves though, we don't have anything on them
The streets look very different from morning  to night
This is someone's "backyard" I love NYC

Water Tower and the Empire State

The Jefferson's

Were 'ipoding' at Max Fish....hmm that's all

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a word amongst friends
Hmmmm...which is the new building?

Liza came down...

And brought Mongo with her...

Check out this little guy!

Dogpark days

I met the love of my life!...This is Otis!

This is also Otis! He looks like a pissed off cartoon

Justin and Jager have a strange relationship
Jager is chillin with Katie, Mark's beautiful girlfriend
Mark and I...Dude is the best


Not quite, but a nice 60 degree sure did make it feel that way

This is about the time I purchased a ticket to Mexico City

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look Book

So this guy Sergio, stopped by my work and asked if I would be interested in doing some modeling for his new project. I couldn't see any reason to pass up a new opportunity and some extra cash so I are some shots from the weekend
Operation complete: a wine toast

Not a bad "office view"
Jeb joined in on the last day of shooting...check those pants!

Fashion? Jeb wearing i'm not sure what, and Dwayne with a fishnet stoking on his face???
Some of the photos...not sure I was supposed to take a photo of these

Some of the accessories.

face paint 
My army outfit
A rad tree out back
The French are laid back....the smoked and drank wine all day
Not to mention the fruit and croissants on the floor