Saturday, September 26, 2009

Susie accidentally ordered a whole deep fried fish....ugh
School is back in session
Stitch and bitch

The whole crew at Speakeasy

Raybans and Lola
Leis made a brief appearance!
Emily loves it
Aussies always having fun
hmmmmm...Welcome to NYC Susie

Stoopin' it

even if there isn't even a stoop

Sam Morgan

Get better fast buddy! Miss you on the streets 

people pay for that?

Gonz sighting!

I shot it paparazzi style
The proof
is in the pudding

Mets (lost 11-3 to the braves)

7 Train express....look how happy Nathan is 

Wings and Beer, Better than baseball!
Mary B from the Bronx hooked it up
sore losers
This puddle was randomly bubbling and steaming
Mark and Otis


That is a happy grill
Not a day over 21
Then things got weird, check jeb in the background

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show....No SF, so I got dirty here

Kessler wall

Sam and Callum scooping out the goods
Andy killing it!
Andy's bike
John and Alisha
John's Bike

Some of the bikes on display
Bass guitar in the bowl
Callum kills it! So sick to have you here homie! Have a safe flight home!

Chris and Kate were there!

We have tons of rats! Good backdrop

Yes that is a girl pulling another girls hair
This dude was out of his mind and amazing! drinking empties off the floor then smashing them on his head
open bar?
Zach pondering life
Nathan found something in his pocket
What is it?
'scuse me
And they're out