Monday, July 30, 2007

got hyphy on the church stoop...

Jordan showed up and dove right in

finger lickin good?
this is where I got dumb
this is where i got "smart"

I had to help these past out pukers...
This is Otis he is probably the cutest dog ever! I saw him and my face melted. I was at work but just kicked it out front with him for like 10 min. anyways

the sky was real photogenic today

everywhere you go
you are being watched

Of Course the weird busser dude is chatting with Ethan, he wont leave him alone.
This was mine and it was delicious
Jackson had lunch for breakfast

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

no big deal...

Went ahead and picked these Air Max 90's up at HUF when I was in San Francisco...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lunch with Eli and Virginia
Eli Getting some work done
old photo of lunch at Mai Thai with Eli
Maria and I flew to Oakland for the weekend
Rented an Impala
Stopped off to get the essentials, Chips, salsa and beer
a friendly message from UC Berkely students
That's San Francisco way off in the distance
nice little walk through Berkely campus
I chilled out...check out that apt!!!
Maria packed...I am a great help
Maria's place had these rulin' Murphy beds

We had an amazing breakfast at nice little greek cafe called Nafeli's
Jeremy Fish Original on the outside of 510 skateshop