Saturday, February 10, 2007

nerolux lack of photos

OK so Nerolux was absolutley POPPING OFF last night! I didn't get any photos because i was spending my time fighting the crowd to get a drink and breakin it down on the dance floor. Because of the lack of photos here's a breif update on what went down...
Preston was killing it on the tunes! such a good DJ thanks preston
Jenny rice, sara thompson, and chris hanes were annahilating the dance floor. they all get MVP's for last night their dance moves coulda shook a country. at one point during and NWA song Chris and I had three quarters of the dance floor waving their hands in the air. sounds stupid, looked rad.
Greg actually headed out to the dance floor.
Paul pulled the classic Hudini he is gettin known for
Marta definatley lived it up
as did the whole crowd
"good vibes, good people all airbrushed on a collapsable easil, peace man easy"
wish you were there...

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