Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Teet's Top 5 Most Best of Boise (backwards countdown!)

Teet's Top 5 Most Best of Boise (backwards countdown!)

5. DELICIOUS DELICIOUS FOODSTUFFS - I am a Sperber, which also means that it is in my familial job description to be a committed and thorough super-snacker. I chomped my way through Boise with reckless abandon - setting eating goals and far transcending them - bite by mindblowingly sensational bite. BIGGEST UPS TO: Boise Co-Op, Goldys, Zen Bento, Pollo Rey, Guidos, DK Donuts, Mongolian Bar-bee-cue, Chiang Mai, Flying M and Thomas Hammer. OMG I am so chubby.

4. YOUNG ENTREPRENUERS, BLOWING MINDZ GLOBALLY/KARAOKE AT THE BALCONY - Prestige and The Projectionist are the coolest. SINCERELY. Off key renditions of Hillary Duff and Boyz II Men at The Balcony are the second coolest.

3. COCA-COLA and the RED WINE. F'REALS? - The Caleemocho's at Bar Gernika (sp?) were scary fantastic. At first, I was maje terrified about trying them, but the final sips tasted like a perfect liquid donut and made me want to, like, beat my pillow with a tennis racket in celebration of the visits general awesomeness.

2. MAKING THE SCENE WIF MAYOR DONNELL or BIKE GANG, MARRY ME, I SEE YOU NIGHTLY IN MY DREAMZ - Carter is the Mayor of the Streets. Dude knows it. We couldn't roll two blocks on the BMXeses without finding ourselves in some sort of heavy brodeo scenario. As a result of this, I got to meet a dumptruckload of his way cool friends. GEEZ! Everyone in Boise is real nice-like! BIGGEST UPS TO: Katherine, Ethan and Jordan - keepin' it in the family, I like that! Also, it should be mentioned, apropos of nothing, that Carter dresses really really well and likes himself alot and is super smart, handsome and fun to be around.

1. SITTING TWO FEET AWAY FROM BOISES FAVORITE SON - Paulie (he's hystairical) and I went to the Nuerolux one night and ended up sitting mere inches from Doug Martsch. Not to get all halftard stalker style on my very own self, but, let's not mince words here, BTS has long been a mucho important part of my musical upbringing. Dudes an ultra mega unabashed ginormo-genius. Sitting near him was way aces because I not only got to hear his speaking voice when he ordered a drink (waitress refused to let him pay. Sup, famous!), but I also got to watch him sniffle and blow his nose. The nose blowing made for some exceptional full circle mental connections (dude has a cold!) - as I had seen a giant box of tissues on the dashboard of his car earlier in the day when Carter and I rode our bikes past his house 16 times in hopes of maybe seeing him, like, mowing his lawn or raking leaves or something.

In summing up, B-town, por vida! Greggy missed yr gutz!


Eli said...

I didn't get to meet teet. Is she gone?

carter Donnell said...

Yeah, she left on monday. Hopefully she'll be back soon. sorry.