Friday, May 01, 2009

Warm weather in NYC means bbq's and hangovers

First off, this is weird to roll up on outside your friends house
I can't believe these gangs exist 
Joo was def into the jungle juice
Wes throws a proper BBQ. 
Stephanie and Jon
MARK! We discussed locking Mark and Greg G. in a room and seeing who would win a "nice off"
The man of the house. Check that pose! I wonder how he pays the bills

There are backyards in BKLYN
Mark and his cousin (also nice guy) Ben who just returned from Cambodia 
By the time Kevin got here, I don't remember much
I should have ate more
Check the pancho behind Aaron and Rakka
Z got down on some Ivory
When the janitor showed up we figured it was time to call a cab and a night!

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