Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tar Beaches, Tappin the Rockies, Rollies, Skateboarding, LDNYC

Adam was kind enough to host us on his roof several nights in a row. I love a "tar beach" Check out Chase lounging 

Why would you want to go to a bar?
Malt liquor, Paul goes out with a bang

Garage door back drop. Chase

Check Carl's steeze!
Synchronized skateboarding, Where is the flaming board? 

Portrait priorities 

Finn got down on a ill wall ride
Round 2 as Jeb and Paddy watch in awe
The best part about this is that someone had to tell him he had skated through his shoe, he didn't even notice. Soldier
Carl said this photo summed up his whole month in NYC. Epic
Best feeling ever! If you have never mobbed a whole block, held up traffic and laughed the whole way with your crew, you NEED to!
Chase getting homo
We took over Downtown Bakery
Then Bret tried to show us how to be Olympians 
Bret was the only one that could get up there

Carl chillin, NO Big Deal
Then I laid under that needle
That's right, Jeb got down for life too!
LdNyc. Holdin it down
Shredquarters just keeps getting more legit
So pleased with his find
Oh wait, maybe not
Damn! Too stylish, Paddy Jones with his best Bret "the hit man" Hart impression
Dirty Bird breakfast. When asked how he wanted his eggs Paddy said "raw" 
Hell yeah!! Fraser, Finn, Ryan, Me, Phillip, Carl, Jeb,  and upfront....worst dude ever....I mean Patrick Hugo Dakers Jones
For someone that hates Morrissey so much, it looks like he may have taken a page or two from his book
Just rollin
some zip, some zing

Carl got this shot just as Jeb's flash went off. 
Lookin styilish, no wonder he gets magazine covers
I love having a whole crew to roll with
Whiskey goodbyes on rainy days....WOOOOOOOOWWWWWIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Carl shows us where we need to be
Thanks Fraser, nice goodbye!

So Sick to have everyone from London over! We will be seeing you all soon. 
for more photos from this trip check phillips blog.
The way skateboarding can bring strangers together is amazing. Now we're down for life LdNyc! See you on your turf! 


P.M said...

so fucking sick!

A A D D A A M M C C said...

i miss carl mang. miss them all. fin & i had just found our musical connection. still feeling bad for being sour and pooped that last night. thanks for taking all these pictures.

Lee said...
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Lee said...

Love it, look so awesome!