Saturday, August 15, 2009

Massive Melbourne post!


Keagan and Braydon
Braydon's shadow was more excited than him
I thought Keagan bought this combo for me...Stuyvesant's and Redheads
Callum Kills it
Saw Tom 
Melbourne's Central Business District
Pretty rad to be in a new city and already have a crew to roll with...The rain drove us into a parking garage
And security drove us to drink on the roof
Bombing the garage
Day 2. 11 am, 2 ciggy's and the beer in his lap you can't see....Aussie's know how to live
Dually noted

Ate at McDonald's for the first time in years! When they say cheeseburger they really mean just meat and cheese
We had a posse 4 cars full! 
Mother energy drink, Heaps of energy!
Keagan doesn't look too sad by the death of his goldfish, Andy Christ
Keagan lives across the street from the Globe mansion. So weird
I didn't know Makers Mark made bananas 
Heavy metal Breakfast

The Eureka, the tallest building in Melbourne 

Carlton Club
Saw Luke G.!
So that's where I went wrong, check those eyes

Diamond Creek. We went to Keagan's hometown and took bike into the bush
Red Dog 


Cruze is so rad!  He snatched up my beer
Red Dog
Keagan's dad and Trudi's mom handled the grilling
Poor chickens
Keagan's mom and little sister! Good food and good people.
I asked Braydon to borrow some shorts to sleep in, look how small this things were!
We went even farther out to the St. Andrews Green Market. I felt like we were in The Shire

Pony ride?
This dude cooked my breakfast
This is how I knew I stumbled into the "hip part of town"
Chris just moved from New York, we met up for lunch
Jay was hooking it up at Sister Bella, my favorite bar we went to 
Lee and Donald
Boy Band?
Trudes! That's Jedda on the side there. There is the very hard to find Cori in the background there
Searching for a new spot
Looks so good! Too bad it wasn't 
Fun park sesh. The City in the backgrund
Sunday night is Diamond Creek Gentleman's Club night. So rad. Such a great crew of dudes. 15 guys watching a video on a phone, priceless
Met up with Zepher and Trudes for coffee, too bad we found this spot the day day before I left

The Yarra River and downtown behind Trudi
Another Sister Bella evening
You didn't know I had a pony tail did you?
Yellow Bird breakfast
Donnell Gardens!
Finally went to the beach on my last day

Ledges on the beach. Man! we shoulda came here everyday!
Braydon- Nollie big spin
Keagan with a very picturesque Front Shove
Dinner on the floor
Good Bye Melbourne

Sydney looks really cool from above
Check out all the boats in the harbor
Back to NYC
Back in my New York groove
DTB is a good welcome home
Chase got his PHD Jones/ Skateboard tattoo


A A D D A A M M C C said...

whoa dang so much to see. chase's tat is rad. trip looks amazing.

A A D D A A M M C C said...

bmx bikes in australia remind of this flick i watched a million times:

P.M said...

Woah Chase stepped the fuck up!!! SO SICK