Sunday, November 02, 2008


This was my favorite art show I have ever been to. The artists were amazing, the space was so rad, all the way down to the original graffiti left on the brick...

BLU had some really great drawings in the show

Conor Harrington had some amazing work there...

Check out the detail of this t-shirt, it looks like a photo

self explainatory

Todd James (REAS) had these rad pieces in the show, I think they would make great skateboard graphics

JR's photos...

The detail of this was amazing

David Choe's work was so good in this show, I only wish I could afford that price tag

If you didn't make it to the show or don't live in NYC you're so bummed.


janainaspe said...

Belissimas imagens...Ok!!!!

janainaspe said...

Belissimas imagens

Kathryn said...

dear carter,
good post!
love, bummed