Friday, November 21, 2008

Greg came to NYC!!!!

We threw up this sign just for him....HELL YUS!

Chase suddenly was HUGE
Then he shrunk back down again
Dude Party
A typical look in the morning in NY...sayin

We went to this "secret bar" that you enter through a phone booth. Pretty dope

Quick trip to Brooklyn

Greg said he wouldn't sleep till we got there

Jeb is always Macin' off
Not sure what was happening here....Greg SO stoked you made it out! Thanks for hangin' doggy, you're the best


play/no play said...

"please don't tell"? you enter through the phone booth in the hot dog stand?


hope you are well, carter...did i ever tell you you inspired me to do the same?:


Mark said...

Ha, Scott and I found fresh steamed rice and pork package right where Greg is standing in the first photo.