Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Part 2: The sun shines in Barcelona

The first night in Spain wasn't that awesome at all
This bed makes me look big! 
Day 2, hostel, this one has a "terrace" 
Every spot in Barcelona is perfect, it's unfair
Thank god for this crew that was down to show us around. 

Every night, MACBA and beers. So good
James is out of his mind. 

Croco knows when the session is over and it's time to start drinking! They taught us 2 (of many) things in Spain 1.) Beer is like water, everyone should always have one no matter who buys it. 2.) They have a saying there- "When lost, find the River" a.k.a if you are drunk, get more drunk

Tom, Croco, James, Jeb
I used to like this beer, then I drank it too much
Jeb disappeared for a while and showed up looking like this!
"James! Wake up!"
Jeb was definitely there to party

Then woke up looking like this
We spent A LOT of time here, oddly enough not once did it occur to us to to actually go in 
I think this is supposed to be Columbus pointing to the new world 
The Mediterranean sea. All bodies of water look the same to me

james mind works on 1 speed. He didn't care about the sea, he just wanted to skate. Look how bummed he is!
But he can sure skate

Stretch it out

We found the ill breakfast spot. Crossiant and Cafe' Con Leche for 1 euro 80
I am getting too fat
Someone the night before lit 2 of the motorcycles on fire

Julio! So much thanks to this guy! Without him and his crew we would have been so lost and probably had no fun. 
I couldn't get a good photo of this. La Sagrada Familia, hands down the most insane, beautiful building I have seen. Being built for over 100 years and still not finished.
last dinner in Barcelona. Pizza, Budweiser, and Bourbon, It couldn't have been better!
Drinks on the plane? Of course.

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