Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Part 1: London with the LDNYC!

Carl met us at the airport. Already more than I do for guests, such a good dude.

Carl trying to pretend we're in NYC and you can push down the street, not so easy in London
Met up at Monmouth Coffee in Covent Gardens. Good place
In a (very) rare moment the sun sheds some light on London
Mr. Paddy Hugo Draker Jones. That's PHD Jones to you
Scarves and T-shirts are the new look
Jeb snapping
Tower Bridge
London Bridge Skatepark
Quite possibly the best christmas list EVER. oh, and the cover of Vice
We are not in a band, we just happen to wear nearly the exact same thing
This is Big Man. He's big. 6 foot 7 to be exact. He works in a clinic to help people stop smoking, and still smokes, pretty epic. 
First pub, The Angel. I already miss pubs

Then things got rowdy and we started chugging pints. Check out how happy James is.
Paddy trying on Lola's fur coat
paddy and alec in the mini door
Carl was always up before everyone with toast in and coffee on. Carl took such good care of us 

more walking than skating
Jeb conquered that chicken, but what would you expect from a guy with a beard like that?

View from the Tate Modern
Paddy and Jeb reflecting
That one famous clock

Paddy recreating the cover of Vice with the help of some love

This is gnarly! James ollied the UK Gonz gap!
You are NOT getting into the Queen's garden!
Hands down the most boring photo from the trip. Buckingham Palace. who cares?

Sex Kiosk
This is what the sky always looked like
Hot girls inside equals this

Discussion on the bus
These guys were super sketchy. At one point they demanded we delete all photos taken with them in them. Food was good though
Meanwhile Gardens, Jeb with a dipped back smith
Carl has so much style
back disaster deep end
Pubs and pints

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